Weekly Commentary
An Update Regarding Recent Variable Annuity Product Filings
- Feb 12, 2018

In recent weeks we’ve seen an uptick in product filings coming through around the variable annuity industry, including new contracts, guaranteed benefits and other changes that we’ll cover in this commentary...

As Expected – Lincoln National Files New Structured Variable Annuity
- Feb 05, 2018

Making good on its announcement of late last year, Lincoln National recently registered its first structured variable annuity with the SEC. The contract should debut sometime this year...

Some Random Thoughts Regarding Trends in VA Contract Design
- Jan 29, 2018

With this report we’ll conclude our coverage of variable annuity contracts registered last year and provide some thoughts on current directions in product design...

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Featured Research
Update: Summaries of New VA Contracts Filed with the SEC in 2017
- Jan 29, 2018

This is a final update to our table containing summaries of new VA contracts registered with the SEC in 2017. We counted 25 new products registered during the year...

Update: Variable Insurance Volatility-Managed Portfolios
- Dec 29, 2017

This is the latest update to our spreadsheet of variable insurance volatility-managed portfolios, including asset data through the third quarter of 2017. By our count, at the end of the quarter there were 210 such portfolios in operation, containing nearly $275 billion in assets...

New Coverage: Summaries of I-Share and Low-Cost VA Contracts
- Nov 29, 2017

This table contains summaries of 62 variable annuity contracts that we have determined to be low cost and /or sold through fee-based advisors...

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From Steve's Blog
On Executive Function
- Aug 25, 2017

I’m finishing the writing of this post after having started and stopped it multiple times, usually on plane trips, either for business or vacation. For whatever reason, once I got home, the piece got lost in the shuffle as it were. There’s no coincidence with the fact that it has taken so long for me to comp...

Ten Years after
- May 27, 2016

I feel like I’m more than a bit late in posting this entry because last month I celebrated the 10th anniversary of Soleares Research being in business. Therefore it would have been most fitting to have published something on this topic then, but, a number of tasks and distractions got in the way...

The DOL’s Game Changer
- Mar 18, 2016

This post contains some of my thoughts regarding the Department of Labor's new fiduciary standard, which has been hotly debated and is expected to have a major impact on the variable annuity business...

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