Weekly Commentary
Notes on Interesting New Variable Annuities Filed in Early 2020
- Feb 06, 2020

This will be a brief report covering new variable annuities registered with the SEC lately – which we think provide an early indication as to what kind of products will be popular in 2020...

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from December, 2019
- Jan 28, 2020

This report is our last installment of our monthly coverage of notable variable insurance fund filings from 2019. In December we didn’t see many new fund registrations, but there was no shortage of changes and adjustments to investment platforms...

An Update on VA Product Filings from Late 2019 to the Present
- Jan 23, 2020

In this report we’ll get caught up with noteworthy variable annuity product developments from late last year and discuss a new guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) filed not long ago...

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Featured Research
Update: Variable Insurance Volatility-Managed Portfolios
- Dec 24, 2019

This spreadsheet contains our coverage of variable insurance volatility-managed portfolios for third quarter 2019, which includes some refinements to the data set. By our count, at the end of the quarter there were 209 such portfolios in operation, containing about $270 billion in assets...

Update: Summaries of Structured Annuities
- Dec 05, 2019

This table updates our coverage of structured annuities and contains summaries of 34 currently sold products and three that are still in the pipeline...

New Coverage: Notable VA Product Changes in 2019
- Nov 29, 2019

This spreadsheet contains our coverage of noteworthy variable annuity product changes that occurred so far in 2019; we will provide a final version of this sheet once the year is done...

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From Steve's Blog
A Black Friday Special
- Nov 29, 2019

Earlier this week I planned on doing a Black Friday blog post, so here I am at my desk dashing it off, referring to notes I scribbled down in various places, such as my business journal...

School is in Session
- Sep 30, 2019

Fall is now upon us, the kids are at school and, in keeping with the time of year, workers in the financial services industry are back at their desks...

A Late Summer Interlude
- Aug 30, 2019

It was a very hot summer here in New York City, but now it’s cooling down nicely, autumn is on the way, and today I figured I’d take some time out to make a long-overdue blog post...

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