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About Us

Soleares Research supplies its clients with the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate information on the U.S. annuity businesses that is current and relevant.

About Soleares Research

Soleares Research, LLC is a market research and consulting firm servicing the annuity business in the United States. We provide, through our website, periodic articles that cover important industry trends and pieces of featured research; we also offer clients phone or on-site consultations, executive briefings and presentations. We pride ourselves on first-class customer service and responsiveness to our clients. We aim to be an indispensable resource to the industry.

The Word Soleares

Soleares, or Soleá, is one of the earliest and most important forms of flamenco song, guitar performance and dance, sometimes called “the mother of flamenco”. It is characterized by a 12-count rhythmic cycle, with accents on the third, sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth beats and is performed in the Phrygian Mode in the keys of E or A.

About Steve

The founder of Soleares Research, Steven D. McDonnell, began his immersion in the annuity industry while a reporter at Annuity Market News from 1998 to 2000. From 2000 to 2006, he worked at Strategic Insight Mutual Fund Research and Consulting, LLC, serving as the first editor of, a web-based research publication, where he wrote a weekly commentary focusing on developments in the VA business, with an eye towards uncovering new and unique things being done with contracts, features and underlying funds.

In addition, he assisted the site’s subscribers with their research and conducted periodic industry briefings. In his role as an annuity business analyst and commentator, he has been quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Planning,, Fund Marketing Alert and Fund Action. Prior to covering the annuity world, he had a long career in journalism, working in a full-time and freelance capacity for numerous periodicals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Iona College.