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A Recurring Storyline featured-image

A Recurring Storyline

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of collecting annuity-related memorabilia both to appreciate how the industry has evolved over the years and to have such items on hand for reference purposes. Which explains the photo... Read more

A Study in Scarlet featured-image

A Study in Scarlet

It’s Halloween, and in my neighborhood the trick-or-treaters already came and went – they did their rounds between 3 and 6 p.m. I’m happy to report that I got more of them this year, but... Read more

Autumn Aspirations featured-image

Autumn Aspirations

A new season is now upon us, one that I normally associate with new beginnings, more so than the spring. After all, this is the time when students have just made it back to their... Read more

The Dog Days Are Here featured-image

The Dog Days Are Here

It’s the end of July and I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Are you doing something adventurous, or just relaxing? I hope that whatever it is, you’re recharging your batteries sufficiently, such that you’ll... Read more

Of a Summer Solstice featured-image

Of a Summer Solstice

Today is not only the official start of summer it’s also Father’s Day, and I hope you all are enjoying the longest day of the year and giving deserved tribute to all the dads out... Read more