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Thinking About Consistency featured-image

Thinking About Consistency

As I write this, I am in a hotel room for a short stay as I travel southward for a family wedding.  Perhaps later in the summer I will make time for a full-blown vacation,... Read more

Concerning Seasonality featured-image

Concerning Seasonality

Here in Portsmouth, we have a warm and sunny day albeit a bit breezy. Spring is making itself felt, little by little. Which brings me to the theme of this post, which came to mind... Read more

Experiential Reality featured-image

Experiential Reality

Over my years covering the industry I’ve often thought that more information on actual client experiences should be shared, in the interest of transparency and education. As one actuary I know who owns multiple annuities... Read more

Demand is Not the Issue featured-image

Demand is Not the Issue

If we’ve learned anything from the past two record sales years, it’s that demand for annuities remains as strong as ever. Let’s face it: rising interest rates have helped matters a lot lately, but we... Read more

Not Quite Snowed Under featured-image

Not Quite Snowed Under

I hope everyone’s year has started off well. Up here in New Hampshire we’ve gotten two pretty good bouts of snow. I was expecting a mild winter, but such has not been the case thus... Read more