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Sizzle or Steak? featured-image

Sizzle or Steak?

As usual, I am posting on my blog as the month comes to an end, and this time it’s just before everyone heads out for the Labor Day weekend, when, no doubt, many barbecues will... Read more

A Very Fertile Ground featured-image

A Very Fertile Ground

Recently I saw an Internet personality say in a video that the United States has the most fertile soil on earth, which was something I thought made sense, seeing how this country has prospered so... Read more

When I View Our Nation’s Flag featured-image

When I View Our Nation’s Flag

I meant to get out a blog post earlier this month – in fact I wanted to do one on Flag Day – but got preoccupied with other matters. Still, I set a goal of... Read more

Post-Conference Meanderings featured-image

Post-Conference Meanderings

Last week I attended this year’s Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) Annual Conference in Washington, DC – the first in-person conference since the pandemic – so today I figured I would jot down a few impressions... Read more

Home Opener featured-image

Home Opener

I live not far from a small neighborhood little league field, and recently it occurred to me that it, along with the game of baseball itself, has a seasonal rhythm to it. A very American... Read more