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Latest Reports

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from August, 2023


In August we identified no new variable portfolio registrations, as is usual for the summertime, but we did see a good amount of filing activity related to new share classes, sub-advisory adjustments and defined outcome...

More Thoughts on Sales Trends – and Notes on Product Filings


In this report we’ll share some of our thoughts on final second quarter annuity sales numbers – as LIMRA released them not long ago – and also have some commentary on happenings from the annuity...

A Random Discussion of Various Annuity Market Themes


At present we are in a reflective mood, given that earnings season for insurance companies has concluded and we are waiting for LIMRA to release final sales numbers for the second quarter. This is not...

Newest Research

Update: Variable ESG Portfolios

This spreadsheet contains our coverage of variable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) portfolios for the first quarter of 2023; at quarter end we counted 28 portfolios in operation, which held $7 billion in assets…

Update: Variable Defined Outcome Portfolios

This spreadsheet contains our coverage of variable defined outcome portfolios for the first quarter of 2023; during the quarter seven portfolios began reporting assets. At quarter’s end we counted 116 portfolios in operation which held...

Update: Notable VA and Benefit Rate Sheet Changes in 2023

This spreadsheet contains two sections: one with contractual VA product changes, the other a version of our rate sheet tracker, mostly covering changes to guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits (GLWBs)…