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Another VA Filing Update – Mostly About RILAs and Rate Sheets


It wasn’t that long ago that we provided our readers with a digest of filings from the variable annuity product pipeline, however now we feel the need to provide another one as much as happened...

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from February, 2023


It is usually the case that numerous new variable portfolios are registered in February – in order for them to be added to prospectuses during the May update period – and that pattern held true...

Notes on Recent VA Filings – Related to RILAs and Rate Sheets


It’s about time we provided our subscribers with an update on the variable annuity product pipeline: not surprisingly, most recent activity has involved registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) and guaranteed living benefit rate sheets and the...

Newest Research

Update: Variable ESG Portfolios

This spreadsheet updates our coverage of variable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) portfolios through the third quarter of last year; at quarter’s end we counted 28 portfolios in operation, which held almost $6.45 billion in...

Update: Variable Defined Outcome Portfolios

This spreadsheet updates our coverage of variable defined outcome portfolios, and they continued to grow in number rapidly over the third quarter of 2022; during the quarter 19 new portfolios started reporting assets. At the...

Update: Notable VA Benefit Rate Sheet Changes in 2022

This spreadsheet concludes our 2022 coverage of variable annuity rate sheet updates that involved noteworthy changes from the prior sheet as well as new benefit launches and closures; towards the end of the year we...