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An Update on Variable Defined Outcome Portfolios Through 3Q22


Due to their rapid growth in a relatively short period of time, it has been a challenge keeping up with developments in variable defined outcome portfolios, and in this report we will update our coverage...

Reviewing VA Rate Sheet Trends from 2022, and Related Matters


In a recent report we said we would provide an overview of noteworthy variable annuity rate sheet changes from last year, so this week we are making good on that promise…

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from December, 2022


We found December variable fund filing activity to be lively, as we saw some new registrations that will be used in a unique reorganization effort, plenty of developments related to defined outcome portfolios, plus assorted...

Newest Research

Update: Variable Defined Outcome Portfolios

This spreadsheet updates our coverage of variable defined outcome portfolios, and they continued to grow in number rapidly over the third quarter of 2022; during the quarter 19 new portfolios started reporting assets. At the...

Update: Notable VA Benefit Rate Sheet Changes in 2022

This spreadsheet concludes our 2022 coverage of variable annuity rate sheet updates that involved noteworthy changes from the prior sheet as well as new benefit launches and closures; towards the end of the year we...

Update: Notable VA Product Changes in 2022

This spreadsheet finalizes our coverage of notable variable annuity product changes in 2022¬†and contains 64¬†entries…