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Latest Reports

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from July, 2022


In July, we saw a moderate degree of variable fund filing activity – including a pair of new defined outcome portfolio registrations – which we’ll cover in this report. We will also provide a brief...

Thoughts on the Annuity Value Proposition as Q2 Results Come In


As we write this, second quarter earnings season for insurers is well underway and, by most accounts, we can look forward to very positive news from most players, as early indications are that sales of...

Notes on Annuity Filings and Launches of Recent Weeks


This week we’ll get caught up with product filing and launch activity around the industry, as much has been going on. Given the very upbeat outlook for annuity sales over the near term – largely...

Newest Research

An Update on Variable Managed-Volatility Portfolios Through 1Q22

This spreadsheet updates our coverage of variable insurance volatility-managed portfolios through the first quarter of 2022. By our count, at quarter’s end there were 197 such portfolios in operation; assets fell by nearly 9% from...

Update: Summaries of Registered Index-Linked Annuities (RILAs)

This table updates our coverage of registered index-linked annuities (RILAs); it contains summaries of 60 products we identify as being currently for sale, as well as four new registrations that have been filed in 2022…

Initial Coverage: Notable VA Benefit Rate Sheet Changes in 2022

This spreadsheet commences our 2022 coverage of variable annuity rate sheet updates that involved noteworthy changes from the prior sheet as well as new benefit launches; it contains 62 entries…