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Latest Reports

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from May, 2024


In May, variable fund filing activity picked up nicely, with some interesting new registrations which we don’t expect to see this time of year. As usual there were various updates to existing offerings: managerial changes,...

Some Casual Thoughts – on 1Q24 Annuity Sales Figures


We are sure by now that our readers have seen final first quarter sales data from LIMRA, still, we figured we would weigh in with our thoughts on the numbers as we think some interesting...

Reviewing Variable Insurance Fund Filings from April, 2024


April was a slow month for variable fund filings so in this report, in addition to our coverage of notable developments on that front, we will also touch briefly on new strategies recently introduced by...

Newest Research

Notable VA and Benefit Rate Sheet Changes in 2024

This spreadsheet commences our coverage of VA product change activity this year and has two sections: one with contractual VA product changes, the other a rate sheet tracker, mostly covering changes to guaranteed lifetime withdrawal...

Update: Variable Defined Outcome Portfolios

This spreadsheet updates our coverage of variable defined outcome portfolios through the fourth quarter of 2023; the number of portfolios declined compared to earlier in the year due to Milliman closing out its series. At...

Update: Variable ESG Portfolios

This spreadsheet contains our coverage of variable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) portfolios through the fourth quarter of 2023; at quarter end we counted 28 portfolios in operation, which held nearly $7.6 billion in assets…