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On Executive Function


I’m finishing the writing of this post after having started and stopped it multiple times, usually on plane trips, either for business or vacation. For whatever reason, once I got home, the piece got lost in the shuffle as it were. There’s no coincidence with the fact that it has taken so long for me to complete this work, and the topic of it.

The subject is “Executive Function” a term that resonated with me the moment I heard of it. I don’t have a dictionary definition of it right at hand, but essentially it boils down to doing what you set out to do for yourself, and, by extension,  doing what you plan to do for your company, team, family, whatever it may be.

This includes following through on goals and tasks you set for you and you alone that typically don’t get done, either because of distractions, procrastination or both. This includes holding meetings with yourself, whether for business or personal reasons.

Building a firm habit of following through on solo meetings is something I have struggled with since Soleares Research commenced operations. One might think I am good at this type of thing since Soleares celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, but such is not the case. I am not where I want to be in this regard.

That said, I have made improvements over the years. This is why I view my experience in managing the work of Soleares as a great vehicle for growth. I still consider myself to be learning and growing even now, having celebrated my 55th birthday this past Wednesday.

But I still allow outside forces to cause me to break my own appointments. I can tend to jump to other peoples’ priorities before my own. I realize that sometimes it’s inevitable to do that to provide good client service. But…“everything in moderation.”

So perhaps I will, in future blog posts, report on my progress regarding Executive Function. An immediate focus I have is to do better with holding quarterly meetings of my limited liability company to review business operations and plan near-term goals. I did better with this in 2Q17 and hope to keep the momentum going.

Something that should help is the exercise program I’ve started recently. Through it I am feeling stronger and more energetic and am losing weight. Hopefully my regimen will help me push through the days when I tend to get lethargic.

Moving forward, I also want to post more often on this blog as it is a good outlet for personal reflections regarding the industry and other matters.

I intended this summer to be one of renewal and rejuvenation and so far it’s turning out to be that way. I will endeavor to keep that spirit going.


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