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And We’re Off!


I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter holiday. Well, at long last the new Soleares Research web site is up and running! I hope you all like the new look and feel of it. In addition, future issues of my commentary, The Soleares Report, will have a fresh design.

These updates coincide with the 15th anniversary of Soleares, which commenced operations in April, 2006 (although the limited liability corporation was established a year earlier). I feel very fortunate to have been in business this long, as much has changed in our industry since those early days.

Now that the site project is completed, I plan on following through with some long-held resolutions, which include the following: to blog more often; to be more active on social media; to delve into new topics in my reports and research. I think the year 2021 will be one where I will make significant progress in those areas.

All the while I will continue to make incremental changes and improvements to my firm’s offerings, with the end goal of being responsive to the needs and goals of professionals in the industry. Any feedback, comments and suggestions from the readership will always be welcome.


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