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I live not far from a small neighborhood little league field, and recently it occurred to me that it, along with the game of baseball itself, has a seasonal rhythm to it. A very American rhythm, I might add.

Once spring came and the weather got a little warmer, I first saw a father and son out on the diamond, playing catch. Thereafter, I saw the first team workouts, replete with pitching machine. Before long there will be games with the kids in full uniform. I must admit that I haven't sat in the stands yet to watch a game but it's on my to-do list. I have, however, gotten a great deal of vicarious enjoyment from hearing cheers come from down the block after an exceptional play, or home run.

I must confess I am not a huge fan of the game but I do appreciate the values it reflects, such as hard work (I don't think any baseball skill comes naturally; it is the product of prodigious effort), teamwork and communication.

One of my vivid memories from covering high school sports years ago was watching a top coach in the area (who won state titles), calling out to his players during the course of the game as to where to position themselves and to offer encouragement; I had never seen such an interactive approach and it had a very positive energy about it. I was used to the sight of a stoic manager sitting poker-faced in the dugout.

To my readers, I hope your organizations have that kind of attention to detail and communication. I believe they are essential ingredients to winning, at all levels.

In closing, I'll share with you that a month or so ago a Red Sox schedule came in the mail, provided by a local real estate agent and it is now posted on my refrigerator door. It will remind me to take time, every now and again, to appreciate a favorite pastime of our great country.



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