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Sneaking One In… featured-image

Sneaking One In…

Yesterday I hope you all had a welcome rest from your labors. I don’t take too many breaks from publishing The Soleares Report each year but Presidents’ Day is one of them. I need a... Read more

Ruminations, Reflections from the 2015 SOA Annual Conference featured-image

Ruminations, Reflections from the 2015 SOA Annual Conference

I got back this Wednesday from the Society of Actuaries’ Annual Conference held this year in Austin, Texas and thought I’d share some of my takeaways from the event. I was privileged to speak on... Read more

Dealing With Data featured-image

Dealing With Data

Much of the past two weeks I’ve been working on a number of projects, among them updating my spreadsheet of data related to variable insurance volatility-managed portfolios, and I intend to post a second quarter... Read more

Solving for Volatility featured-image

Solving for Volatility

On Tuesday night, New York City was hit with heavy snowfall, and temperatures this week have fallen into the single digits at times. That’s provided a great opportunity for folks like me to hunker down... Read more