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Renewing One’s Labors featured-image

Renewing One’s Labors

I’m writing this post, the first on this blog in over a year, on a quiet afternoon at a café in my Astoria neighborhood where I like to have a coffee and think and write.... Read more

On Executive Function featured-image

On Executive Function

I’m finishing the writing of this post after having started and stopped it multiple times, usually on plane trips, either for business or vacation. For whatever reason, once I got home, the piece got lost... Read more

Ten Years After featured-image

Ten Years After

I feel like I’m more than a bit late in posting this entry because last month I celebrated the 10th anniversary of Soleares Research being in business. Therefore it would have been most fitting to... Read more

The DOL’s Game Changer featured-image

The DOL’s Game Changer

Last week I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and decided to comb through industry news alerts I receive via e-mail. I settled in on an article in Investment News, “House Speaker Paul Ryan... Read more

Sneaking One In… featured-image

Sneaking One In…

Yesterday I hope you all had a welcome rest from your labors. I don’t take too many breaks from publishing The Soleares Report each year but Presidents’ Day is one of them. I need a... Read more